From the Seed

The Nossa Senhora da Guia plantation in Minas Gerais, Brazil, is where the story of our coffee begins. Segafredo Zanetti, as part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, provides housing, schooling and medical facilities within the plantation itself. The coffee cherries are picked by hand, this method yields 3 times greater crop than the mechanical alternatives which involve shaking the trees to remove the fruit. This traditional approach employs 50 people to harvest the same quantity as a single modern harvesting machine and ensures fewer coffee cherries are left to spoil in the fields.

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To Blending and Roasting

Of all the processes associated with the production of a perfect cup of coffee, roasting is arguably the most crucial. Across Segafredo Zanetti’s 11 state of the art roasting facilities over 160,000 tons of the finest coffee beans are roasted every year. The distinct characteristics of coffee beans from different territories across Central and South America reflect the environmental conditions in which they are grown. Coffee beans are selected which complement and balance these individual characteristics and are blended to produce the intended aroma and body in the drink.

Roasting fine coffee consistently is an art form with many factors influencing the process, such as: humidity, temperature and of course the blend of beans selected. Segafredo Zanetti coffee is world renowned as the authentic Italian flavour, this reputation that has developed over many years is upheld through industry leading roasting facilities and through the skill of Segafredo’s expert coffee roasters who continue this Venetian tradition.



To Cup

Segafredo Zanetti is the only company in the coffee industry that directly controls the entire coffee production process. From the cultivation and selection of the raw materials through our operations in Central and South America, to the art of the blending and roasting, and finally the provision of commercial and domestic coffee brewing technologies provided by Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System and La San Marco. Our coffee is packaged in sealed bags with valves which ensures the coffee remains fresh. Also, our coffee capsules are individually wrapped in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide which again guarantees that the coffee in your cup is as fresh as it can be. It is this process and heritage that makes Segafredo Zanetti one of the most respected names in the coffee industry.

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