Espresso1 allows you to create authentic Italian coffee with a thick crema and rich aroma in seconds.  The perfect espresso requires the correct water pressure and temperature as well as fine coffee beans, ground to the correct consistency.  The Espresso1 machine’s 19 bar water pump was designed by Lan San Marco (a leading Italian manufacturer of professional espresso machines) and works alongside a 1200w thermo heating block to create the perfect conditions for brewing espresso.  Segafredo grind their finest coffee beans to the desired consistency before 6 grams is compressed into each Espresso1 capsule and individually sealed in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide to ensure the coffee stays fresh and retains all of the aroma.caps super narrowTo operate the machine simply insert a capsule of your preferred Segafredo Zanetti coffee blend and press the Start/Stop button to commence brewing. Drawing water from the 1 litre tank, the high pressure pump ensures the perfect shot of espresso is produced in around 30 seconds. Used coffee capsules are retained inside the machine which allows you to make up to 12 coffees before emptying the capsule draw. To produce a long coffee (‘lungo’, or ‘americano’) simply allow the machine to run for a longer period until the required measure has been reached and press the Start/Stop button to end the brewing. You can also combine the Espresso1 machine with the ‘Segafredo Milk Frothing Jug’ to achieve delicious lattes or cappuccinos.

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