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  • 500 Individually wrapped Segafredo Napolitain Chocolates

    Individually wrapped Segafredo branded Napolitain Chocolates. These rich little chocolates compliment the robust flavour of Segafredo espresso for an authentic Italian coffee bar experience. 2,5 g x 500 pcs

  • Brasil Coffee Capsules

    From the largest coffee plantation in the world, in the heart of Minas Gerais comes a coffee capsule with hints of honey and a delicate aroma.

  • Costa Rica Coffee Capsules

    “Le Origini Costa Rica” capsules from Costa Rica’s lush jungle vegetation in San Jose gives the finest tropical coffee characterised by fresh but robust flavours and an intense fruity bouquet.

  • Decaffeinated Espresso Capsules

    Using a natural decaffeination process which does not reduce flavour or intensity of the aroma, the “decaffeinato” capsule is the perfect way to enjoy the same great espresso taste but with less the caffeine.

  • Espresso Coffee Capsules

    The taste of a true Italian espresso with a dense crema. This well rounded and balanced blend of Segafredo’s finest coffee beans produces a full-bodied coffee rich in flavour and aroma.

  • EXTRA STRONG Coffee Beans

    The ‘Extra Strong’ from Segafredo Zanetti is our most popular and prestigious blend of coffee beans.

  • La San Marco 105 E

    Espresso coffee machines Series 105, designed by famous Sottsass Associati Studio, have been updated with the introduction of metallized colours and polished finishing.

  • La San Marco 85 E

    This espresso machine NEW 85 E (electronic) is the restyling of the famous 85 line, well known for its quality, solidity and reliability.

  • La San Marco New

    In the series NEW 105 Multiboiler the latest technology of La San Marco has been applied. The Multiboiler technology allows to obtain a precise temperature control for each boiler of each individual group.

  • La San Marco New 100 E

    Aggressive look and metallic colours: these are the main aesthetic characteristics of 100 series that highlight lines originality and design unicity. Metallic colours (anthracite, grey, red and sky blue) and satiny finishing match perfectly.

  • MASSIMO Coffee Beans

    The ‘Massimo’ blend by Segafredo Zanetti is full–bodied and features sweet notes Hints of chocolate can also be found in “Massimo” making it perfect for Mocha and latte coffees.

  • New SZ Coffee System

    The ‘New SZ’ Office Coffee System produces authentic Italian Espresso using capsules containing fresh roast and ground Segafredo Zanetti Coffee.

  • Peru Coffee Capsules

    Rich and velvety coffee straight from the micro climate on the Peruvian plateau. The unique environmental conditions of Peru are ideal for growing coffee beans with an intense flavour.

  • Relacement Water Filter for New SZ

    Water filter compatible with the ‘New SZ’ coffee capsule machine from Segafredo Coffee System (not appropriate for the ‘Myespresso’ coffee capsule machine)

  • Segafredo Napkin Dispenser

    A compact and stylish Segafredo branded napkin dispenser. Made from red transparent plastic with a matt finish, holds 30 napkins.