Franke A800


The Franke A800 is a fully automatic and versatile coffee machine with the ability to deliver uncompromising performance. Thanks to the iQFlow™ and FoamMaster™ as well as the easy-to-use interactive touch screen, the Franke A800 provides you with any coffee you desire. With its triple boiler system and an intuitive operating concept, the A800 is designed to rapidly handle large order quantities. The automatic EasyClean cleaning system is included as standard to ensure that the strictest HACCP hygiene standards are met at all times.



  • Full Colour Interactive Touch Screen.
  • Fully auto, suitable For Self-Service.
  • Up to 250 Cups Per Day.
  • Fresh milk fridge.
  • Cold milk based drinks.
  • 2nd Grinder.
  • iQFlow™ and FoamMaster™ technology.
  • Recommended cups per year: 80,000.